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Monday, June 30, 2008

Euro Cup

The end of Euro cup couldn't be more beautiful. Maybe if Turkey has qualified for the final and then Spain would have won, then it would have been even better. But anyway, Spain finally made it. They're one of those strong teams that were constantly unlucky (specially in the world cup). But this year they were consistently good and definitely deserve the moment.

For the first time, the Euro Cup got a decent coverage in US tv and I was able to watch the games. Actualy for the final game, they even showed in public TV (ABC) which some how indicates the surge of the public interest towards football. However such surge might be solely related to immigrants. This evening I talked with a friend of mine who follows world news very closely. Here is our conversation:

Liz: So how is it going for you on Sunday evening?
me: I just came back from watching the final game of Euro Cup,... i mean the soccer cup.
Liz: Didn't Argentina win?

Friday, June 27, 2008

a message to you

My message to a few lovely readers who happen to know me in the real life: I appreciate if you don't talk about the personal content of this blog with me. When I type my thoughts, I don't want to be concerned about your concerns and the calls that i might receive about my writing ...As you know me, I'm quite an introspectionist person who takes many of his thoughts, pains and problems into himself and doesn't like the pity of others. Thus, I appreciate if you don't use the content of this place to do anything related to me.

This is a place that I anonymously share my thoughts with the world and I want to be totally free. If you like to discuss about the content of this blog, please do it like all other readers: comments, email, etc. This way, I'll feel easier to share my minutes.

Photo of the day

This picture is quite a poerty!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Your Life Is What You Make of It

i keep remembering Bijan's saying that there is so much of value in the loneliness that you go through. It's difficult. Many moments of it. Yet, you look back at it and feel you're facing yourself and you can't get away from it. Yes, you try at points to get away: read random things, write to her, call the other one, chat with the random one ... But the bottom line is you facing yourself. All your shortcomings and strengths... No relationship, no succes, etc. can give you that peace... actually they might help you escape from it. but you've gotta get it man!! the sooner the better.

you've gotta reach peace with yourself, otherwise you suffer... and then you finally work towards that peace.... it's a long way, but certainly worth the effort.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

junk thoughts

It's half way through June. It flies so quickly... even faster than the arrow! Sitting in front of the pleasant fan. Weather is cooler and less humid now! I still enjoy the taste of the tea and the dutch and persian cookies that i had earlier. I read Hasti's drama that is close to .... Oh, how much sick is the pessimism of all of us. And we, the working and intellectual forces of the world keep firing it.

I think about you, her and others and the fact that we're living through a caricature of life. I don't get anywhere. I keep telling myself: just work! Just focus. You can't fix the rest. For now just finish your work. One way or the other things will work out... But it's all this wrong attitude.... this enslaved attitude towards life as a whole...

Turks are gonna play with Czechs... Trying to live today. trying ...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Move on ...

I'm getting out of the denial and I'd better move on. I wish those who constantly look at me the wise side of the story, would leave me a alone. I simply wanna live and once again stand up!

Friday, June 06, 2008


Photo: US Unemployment rate jumped to 5.5%!! We are in deep shit!

Hilary Clinton

As an Obama supporter, I should admit that I am very impressed by Hilary Clinton's last fights with Obama. It is difficult to analyse her real motives for such style "all-the-way" fight. Maybe it was purely a personal power thirst that kept her there. However, it doesn't matter. She lost this election by a small margin and even in days that it was clear that she is going to lose the final outcome, she campaigned and was able to win the heart and minds of people in Peurto Rico, South Dakota, etc. It is certainly a lesson for minority leaders to see what it takes to fight in these types of battles. I disagree with Hilary Clinton on many issues, but I am impressed of her and believe that her name will be recorded strongly and positively in US political history.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


the movie Tickets is an interesting and entertaining experience of joint direction by Abbas Kiarostami, Ken Loach and Ermanno Olmi. The three directors who could hardly talk to each other without translators, have worked on 3 interconnected stories inside a traveling trip. One can simply trace the style of each of the three directors in their segment, but what's impressive is the interconnection of these stories and the way that these styles buid up on each other. Kiarostami once again keeps us in suspense in many minutes via presenting multi layers of reality. He benefits from the creativity and imagination of the audience in most of his shots. You constantly feel that you're half narrator of the scene as it proceeds. In many works that Kiarostami has written (eg: White Balloon), the entire film is pictured as a film where at the end, you get a chance to meet those individual players. Here the entire movie is in a train which makes a the perfect test bed for such narration. However, Kiarostami's story lacks most dramatic elements and yet at the end, all we get is series of suspensive interactions without a central connector.

The part made by Ken Loach is the most dramatic part of the story that is quite entertaining. The humor of that Scotish boys bring to the story with their cute accent, closes the film pleasantly.
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