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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Left in 21st century

Reuthers reports that Tony Blair is joining JPMorgan-Chase (One of the largest banks in the world). Just think twice about the news: The leader of the Labor Party is joining one of pillars of US capitalism. Yes, Blair kissed ass of the US republicans and joined them in all the middle eastern adventures. But it could be said that he was under pressure and he was acting as the leader of UK and he had to keep the strategic alliance with US, bluh bluh...

But now, Mr. Blair who is retired from politics, voluntarily is joining JP. Just imagine the face of those British lefties who enthusiastically voted for this shameless guy!
I was thinking capitalist people are really more honest. First of all, they have less of hypocrisy. They say plain to your face: We care about our own pocket, period! Hell with the society, community and all that crap!! They don't come and setup a political platform of clearing poverty in the third world and eventuallywork for the largest capital institutions of the world!!
Have you heard a high ranked capitalist voluntarily joins a leftie camp? Yes, maybe under Soviet's life threats some poor capitalist joined, but not voluntarily!!

The left is quite confused these days!!
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