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Daily Journal of Mahaan, an Iranian-American student residing in USA.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Nuclear Technology and Iran

It seems to me that European are working hard to completely get a hold of Iran's nuclear file and become the major negotiation body. Apparently Kerry if gets elected is interested in dealing with Iranians directly. That's probably through offering some direct contacts and negotiations with Iran and providing them the fuel cycle and removing parts of the sanctions. On the other side, Bush is going to keep Iran as a potential threat and will pass the negotiations to European for now. He'll benefit from Iran as a potential threat because soon or late this Bin Laden story needs to be closed. On the other side being on the constant black list of US will boost conservatives in Iran who act like the real resistance to US. And at the middle of this Europeans are smart enough to jump in before the US election and sandwich Iran to respond to their so called "big package" which is quite similar to one Kerry will propose right after election. Those who are naive to say that Bush will firmly deal with Iranian religouse regime are deep in ignorance. Bush will keep the same policy of verbal attack in TV and deal behind the scene for another year. The gainers are both Bush which will achieve full control of Iraq and Iranian mullahs who will get some free ride for their rule for couple of more years. And also Europeans and Russians make their own profit from full control of Iranian economy.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

kerry gains lead in several states

Apparently Kerry is finally gaining some leads in some of battle ground states (Ohio, Wisconsin and in one report in Florida) and media has to report it. For me till the moment that Bush actually concedes it's difficult that neo-cons are out of white house. These neo-cons are such power suckers who won't play the rule of any game unless there is some sort of firm public and also financial opposition against them.

Yesterday Hasan Rohani, the secretary of Iranian national council has said that Iran (better to be said the right wing of Iran) won't gain from the Kerry's win in the US election. Rohani is a moderate conservative cleric who is very close to former president Hashemi Rafsanjani. It's now clear that Bush's re-election will only eases the closure of the reform in Iran. And I doubt with Bush in White house, any reformer in Iran dares to run for the next presidential election.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

This flu shot shortage can cost Bush dearly in the election. Specially with his stupid comments during the debates about the problem. The source of the problem is from UK and if the chaos continues, it can affect senior voters. It's intersting how Americans act up and get panicked when a simple thing goes wrong. Hundreds of millions of people don't even know what is a flu shot and they simply deal with a flu as it happens and now in America ...
God bless this prosperous nation!

THe flue shot shortage

This flu shot shortage can cost dearly for Bush. Specially with his stupid comments during the debate about the problem. The source of the problem is from a company in UK. For me it's intersting how Americans are acting up when such a minor thing doesn't work fine. Hundredes of millions of people in the 3rd world don't even know that much about flu shots and they simply handle a flu as it happens. And now in America ... God bless this prosperous nation.

Monday, October 11, 2004

This is irrelevant to the US election and is all Iran related stuff in Farsi.

Farhad Rajabli that I got to know him tonite has written a great response to Kayhan's attack to Iranian weblogs. That was one of the strongest counter attacks that I have read in the past few days about this issue.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Day 5

Last night was quite a good experience. Actually the neighborhood that went by was quite a democrate one and everyone was counting down for November 2nd and quite nice to us. In one of the houses, a kid openned the door and he had a "Hoefl" pin on his shirt and his brother all rushed out with Kerry's posters. What to tell them?

Oh, this clip is quite a classic one of Bush.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Day3: Edwards vs. Cheney

Although I was extremely busy, I couldn't give up watching the VP debates. Cheney is a smart ultra conservative and I personaly prefer to listen to a smart ne-con than a stupid one like Bush. But Edwards was also very good and aggresive and litterally trashed Cheney's arguments. What was striking for me was the kiss up that Edwards is giving to the American jewish voters. About the Palestinian-Israeli issue, they guy did not bother even use the word Palestine or Palestinian. And off course he attacked Iran more than Bush's Axis of Evil speech. If all these is only a political show to get the Jewish vote, but I hope these guys don't offer the same crapy policies that Bush admin has been doing to Iranians over the past few years.

Today media tries to portray the debate as balanced one which didn't have any winner which is stupid. Cheney conceaded on 2 or 3 of the discussions by saying "I don't have anything to add".
This evening, we are going to do some more volunteer work for moveon.org to bring some of the democrate non-voters to the polls.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Rumsfeld:No link between Alqaeda & Iraq

This is going to make Cheney's job tougher tomorrow night.
Today was extermly busy with the research work. Didn't spend that much on news stories. I hope I get some time to watch Edwards-Cheney's debate tomorrow.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Day 1: Starting with the camp of very old Bush bashers

Today we started our door to door campaign effort with Moveon.org people. Heidi who is a moveonpac staff came to supervise our first day of work. And it was such a great experience to go to the doors of these elderly people and talk with them about the eleection. Moveon has the plan to keep in touch with the likely democrat voters to make sure that they keep in touch with the election news and also to make sure that the finally vote on the day of election. Today we went to this building in the squiril hill neighborhood which was filled with very old democrates. For me it was very intersting to see how a friendly person like Hiedi who might sound strange and naive in the first meeting, can be effective in interacting these people and touching their hearts. And it was great to see how much these elderly people dislike the current trends of this country and how much they care about their country. And at the same time seeing their lonely life was some how sad and depressing.

Till Election day:My self promiss

A month from now, on November 3rd, we'll be celebrating removal of George W. Bush. I have been slacking in recording my daily journals, although there is a lot to write on these historic days of US. So my promiss is that I'll record every day of this last month of election (if I have Internet access on the day) with the hope of having such a celebration at the end of this period.

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