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Monday, June 30, 2008

Euro Cup

The end of Euro cup couldn't be more beautiful. Maybe if Turkey has qualified for the final and then Spain would have won, then it would have been even better. But anyway, Spain finally made it. They're one of those strong teams that were constantly unlucky (specially in the world cup). But this year they were consistently good and definitely deserve the moment.

For the first time, the Euro Cup got a decent coverage in US tv and I was able to watch the games. Actualy for the final game, they even showed in public TV (ABC) which some how indicates the surge of the public interest towards football. However such surge might be solely related to immigrants. This evening I talked with a friend of mine who follows world news very closely. Here is our conversation:

Liz: So how is it going for you on Sunday evening?
me: I just came back from watching the final game of Euro Cup,... i mean the soccer cup.
Liz: Didn't Argentina win?
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