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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Walking into 2012

It's a peaceful and quiet farewell moment to 2011. A year which started in Dubai for us in another peaceful night. Now, Em is dealing with a cold and has crashed on the couch. We had a decent Indian dinner with sangria and then watched the entertaining fuck documentary which has made its way into our library recently. With its simplicity it's probably my most relaxing new year moment in the recent years.

It's another moment to look back and revisit the quick passage of life in year 2011. Unbelievably rapid with so much events.
I have been lucky to enjoy myself, make some advancements in my work, personal life, life of my family and a few friends and visit a few new places in the world. Finally after 29 years, this was the year that we were able to change our family apartment in Tehran. Yes, there is so much of financial mess to be resolved in my family. Work has its up and downs and certainly far from tier-1. But what can I do more than what's my capacity after all? Which aspect of life is perfect that I make this one perfect?

Witnessing some of the changes in the middle east in one of its most eventful years of modern history has been a great opportunity. I remember when I read about the first series of protests in Tunisia in late 2010 and talked to Abdo about them. And we were still not taking them serious. But finally in the new year, media broke its silence and from there the roller coaster started and hasn't stopped in this region. So much discussion, optimism and pessimism that we hear from our Arab friends these days.... At the middle of all these events, it's really tough to judge what's reality, and who lies or exaggerate! As I am getting more mature, I realize how difficult it's to have an ultimate and final word about a phenomenon, specially when it comes to political matters. And the events in the middle east boosted this vision. But what's clear that our dreams for peace and happiness of humans are universal and have been expressed over and over in art and literary works.

So much to do and maybe worry in the year, but there is that inner mysterious word which reminds me that one way or the other things will work out, personally and globally. that is probably the essence of the life.
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