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Monday, June 14, 2010

Anniversay of a historic day

I was not in Iran during the election days and its aftermath. But from what I've read and seen online, I believe that 15th of June 2009 is an important historic day in the history of Iran. It was a high point in a maturity of our nation.

A year ago on this day an estimated 1 to 3 million people in Tehran walked almost silently and totally peacefully from the east to the west of Tehran on the Enqelab (Revolution) and Azadi (Liberty) streets for a few hours. It was a protests against the election fraud and the arrogancy of Iranian leadership in dealing with the pride of the nation. There was a minimal coordination to put together such a protest and a national wisdom gave an incredible organization to the event. From what I heard many attempts toward radicalizing the crowd was silenced by people themselves and the walk was finished peacefully.

Unfortunately after the protest, things got bloody and a few people were shot by government militia and that was the turning point of the events which eventually heighted the violance againt the public and ...

Nowadays majority of Iranians are pessimist about the turn of events and the future of the country. However, I feel proud and lucky to see June 15 in my nation's history. It is difficult to predict how things improve in Iran. But I believe a nation who can create such a wise surprise move, can recreate it many other times in unpredicted ways.
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