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Thursday, June 05, 2008


the movie Tickets is an interesting and entertaining experience of joint direction by Abbas Kiarostami, Ken Loach and Ermanno Olmi. The three directors who could hardly talk to each other without translators, have worked on 3 interconnected stories inside a traveling trip. One can simply trace the style of each of the three directors in their segment, but what's impressive is the interconnection of these stories and the way that these styles buid up on each other. Kiarostami once again keeps us in suspense in many minutes via presenting multi layers of reality. He benefits from the creativity and imagination of the audience in most of his shots. You constantly feel that you're half narrator of the scene as it proceeds. In many works that Kiarostami has written (eg: White Balloon), the entire film is pictured as a film where at the end, you get a chance to meet those individual players. Here the entire movie is in a train which makes a the perfect test bed for such narration. However, Kiarostami's story lacks most dramatic elements and yet at the end, all we get is series of suspensive interactions without a central connector.

The part made by Ken Loach is the most dramatic part of the story that is quite entertaining. The humor of that Scotish boys bring to the story with their cute accent, closes the film pleasantly.
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