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Monday, April 26, 2004

Category: World

"In most countries in the world, we take it for granted that if a disaster happens, we will find out and hold whoever responsible to account, and we also take it for granted that we will respond with compassion." An interesting report from a BBC reporter about the challenge of reporting from N. Korea.
Guardian also has another interesting report about the train accident in N. Korea where people have felt that US have attacked them by nuclear bombs!

Friday, April 02, 2004

Category: Internet

Google is going to offer 1GB of space for each user in its new GMail service. Yes, it's a kick butt offer, but their idea of using search instead of sort in email might not attract too many users. This is the first radical move by Google after a long period of silence. Over the past few months, people kept speculating about the future of Google and now the announcement comes and actually it's quite out of boundaries that most of people were imagining. Is it going to revolutionizing the future of Email? I hope so, because otherwise it's going to be a big disappointment for them. And personally, I agree with this article which says this is going to be towards spoiling users and waste of resources, but I guess the indefinite space is one aspect of this GMail product and we should wait to see how it'll chance the EMail life.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Category: Politics of USA & Middle East

The scenes of Fallujah are quite horrifying and Western media is giving it quite a broad coverage . Whoever is behind these types of acts (attacking civilian workers in Iraq) is oppossed to stability of that country and is only helping Bush Inc. to not be accountable for the future of Iraq and suck all the limited reconstruction money of Iraq and spend more on military and their pockets. If Iraq becomes the Afghanistan of Soviets, the result will be Afghanistan of 1990s which resulted in Sep 11 and the long term looser will be people of Iraq and other middle eastern countries.
Subject: Politics of World

NY Times famous columnist Thomas Friedman wrote an article with the title of "Waking up to a dream" where he puts together a collection of politically correct dreams that he has about world affairs. It's quite funny that Mr. Friedman can not even dream freely and outside of his biased pro-Israeli mind set. (Mickey Z. from Counter Punch wrote a cool article about Friedman's article).
Although most of that stuff Friedman had written was crappy and shallow stupid politics, but still the start of the article and his sense about dreaming about some events made me think: Are things that bad that we should give up about all developments and start only dreaming?
Hours later I read an article (in Farsi) about recent trials of former police chiefs and army generals who were involved in all sorts of savage crack down of political activists in 1970-1980s. For a person like me who have heard about the horror stories of south and Latin America in cold war time, this is a dream to see these trails are finally happening with lowest level of violence and through a democratic trial process.

Yes, I agree that we live in some how a dark time, but at the middle of all this darkness there are some changes that keeps the hope alive. If we look around we the changes are happening, it might be somewhere out of our focus, but it's there.
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