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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Drama withVajiheh khanoom and Hossein aqa

Some time in life we don't need cinema or theather to create or watch drama.  Our internal voice create dramatic moments/;

In a slow day, frustrated with housing search in Berkeley, while I had invitation to go to a dinner in San Francisco, I decided to ditch the dinner and do something more uplifiting than a semi-boring dinner with techies and scientists:  I decided to drive to Pleasanton to find and visit Vajiheh khanum and Hossein Aqa!! Vajihe khanum (Ms. Vajihe) and Hossein aqa (Mr. Hossein) were this nice old couple who lived in my old apartment complex in the first year of life of me and Reyhan..  They were greatly supportive and kind to us in that year.  Their simplicity and funny old-school attitude were subject of laughter for us and many of our friends.  And there was a deep cozy grandpa-grandma feeling when we visited their home (although they were not really that old).

Of course, driving to Pleasanton and the apartment complex was full of nostalgia for younger years of life, etc.  I started searching for their apartment and I couldn't find that neat and organized entrance with lots of flowers and plants.  But then from the window I saw the table that I had dined several times, but the house didn't have the old organized view from outside.  I knock and a young fellow opens the door and I started asking if he lives here and he says yes and he asks me if I'm Iranian... and then he says that he's the nephew of Vajihe khanum.
Long story short: Hossein aqa passed away three months ago and Vajihe khanum is depressed and dealing with light alzeihmer... and they're moving her out of the current apartment to some smaller community housing unit in Livermore.... Hopefully soon I'll go visit her. 
 But then with her nephew, we started talking about the odd of me deciding to stop by on the last day that they were vacating the house....and simply i could have missed them all together.... With all the sadness that was in hearing about their state, I'm still happy that I got a trace of them....It was all that internal voice this after that told me to skip the SF dinner and go after something more passionate.
Rest in peace Hossein aqa.  Sorry if I impersonated you too much... You were so humble and gentle and will be missed a lot.

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