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Daily Journal of Mahaan, an Iranian-American student residing in USA.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Nuclear Technology and Iran

It seems to me that European are working hard to completely get a hold of Iran's nuclear file and become the major negotiation body. Apparently Kerry if gets elected is interested in dealing with Iranians directly. That's probably through offering some direct contacts and negotiations with Iran and providing them the fuel cycle and removing parts of the sanctions. On the other side, Bush is going to keep Iran as a potential threat and will pass the negotiations to European for now. He'll benefit from Iran as a potential threat because soon or late this Bin Laden story needs to be closed. On the other side being on the constant black list of US will boost conservatives in Iran who act like the real resistance to US. And at the middle of this Europeans are smart enough to jump in before the US election and sandwich Iran to respond to their so called "big package" which is quite similar to one Kerry will propose right after election. Those who are naive to say that Bush will firmly deal with Iranian religouse regime are deep in ignorance. Bush will keep the same policy of verbal attack in TV and deal behind the scene for another year. The gainers are both Bush which will achieve full control of Iraq and Iranian mullahs who will get some free ride for their rule for couple of more years. And also Europeans and Russians make their own profit from full control of Iranian economy.
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