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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Desperately seeking social responisibility

Tonight I was reading an article by the Iranian journalist/activist Akbar Ganji about the sadness of the apathy that exist in our society. The fact that numbers of students, activists, journalists, etc. have been arrested over the past few months and there is not any strong sensitivity about the issue. It is true that many of us have become totally indifferent about the Iranian and to some extent world affair. It is quite sad that daily news of violence and brutality does not get any of our attention and we've got so much used to it. While being bombarded by information, nothing really gets our full attention for more than a few seconds. For many of those who live in a closed society like Iran, it might make sense to have a conservative stance towards political activities. But what about us who live in prosperous and free world? How much do we really care about the world society or at least our own local society?

The other night I watched Michael Moore's Sicko in Cinema and the same pattern of thoughts came to my mind. I felt sick of myself and the fact that I've been so much sunken in a self-centric vision. Many times, I don't even bother to think about how miserable people of my locality are living and what sorts of basic problems they are going through. Many of the issues such as health care and public education in US, require a dedicated sense of social activism and are possible to improve if we simply spend some of our mind and time on this. And it is so unfortunate to see many of the smart and successful young people around me are living pretty much in a self centric world with little attention about these issues.

What's really an exit strategy from this world for me? Maybe getting involved in simple community work...
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