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Monday, May 28, 2007

The last piece of revolutionary idealism

US and Iran have started the first round of official face to face meetings. Of course like any taboo breaking move, things are quite controlled and down played. The meeting is at the ambasador level, only around the subject of Iraq, etc. But these are practically air filling BS of both sides. The clear message for me who grew up in revolutionary Iran is: This is the last piece of the revolution that is being replaced. Iran finally sat down with its arch enemy.
This is happening while the adversaries between the two sides is at its height. It's so ironic and interesting that yesterday Iran's foreign ministry officialy protested to US for organizing an spionage network in Iran, just one day before the official talks. The flow of this two event is a huge U-Turn in the idealist diplomacy of Islamic Republic. That's "You can talk with an enemy who is trying to overthrow you". That's something that China learned 30 years ago, North Korea learned a decade ago. And even the moderates of Iranian regime didn't believe in this until 15 years ago.

Even though I am strongly opposed to the current Iranian adminstration, but I strongly welcome this new chapter in Iranian diplomacy.
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