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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Summer is the spending time in the Middle East

The Iranian regime is once again back to its maximum schizophrenic state. Random arrests of individuals who have been linked to NGO and American non-profit orgs are going on. To me scholars like Haleh Esfandiari or Kian Tajbakhsh with whatever financial connection that they might have, never seem to be a real threat to any government. At most what they do is some sort of intellectual analysis of the situation in Iran. I usually read the Kayhan daily (in Farsi) that is the spokesman for the most Stalinist circles of the Iranian regime. The paper generally has a bold tone and is filled with random attacks towards progressive and intellectual circles. In the past few days I have seen a new trend of blunt attacks that is indicative of a new trend of intelligence war. The paper has been filled with non-sense stories about anti-regime paranoia about groups that have no connection to each other. For example while attacking Ms. Esfandiari's profile the paper connected whole a bunch of activists ranging from feminists, bloggers to philosophers and artists that have no connection with each other and even in some cases have serious issues with each other. These randomly attacking editorials which seem to be generated by people with intelligence knowledge of a kid, are only used to divert the attention of the public from the mismanagement of the current government.
Today Kayhan went as far as calling the film director Abbas Kiarostami and the organizers of the Cannes Films Festival Zionists! Why? Because Kiarostami has a short movie at Cannes this year that has a feminist theme and these days the regime is quite frustrated about the whole women movement! They actually went ahead with calling Kiarostami's films parts of a long term soft plan to seriously harm the regime!

Yesterday they announced that George Soros foundation has been funding a soft overthrow plan of the regime! Just imagine at a time that all progressive voices including Soros are getting united to stop the neo-cons adventurist policies in the Middle East, Ahmadinejad's government is saying that Soros is funding an overthrow plan!!

It seems to me that the regime or at least the current government is under a serious intelligence pressure these days and this type of schizophrenic propaganda is the side effect of those pressure.

I hear a difficult summer in the region. I guess it's another showdown time.
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