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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Movie: Away From Her

The Canadian movie Away from her is a strong, passionate poetry about life, love and destiny. It's the story of a loving old couple who face the Alzheimer problem of the woman. After the initial discovery of the problem they mutually agree to send her to a nursing home where the policy dictates the man to be away from her for the initial 30 days. Upon his return after the 30 days, he realizes that the woman has almost forgotten their relationship and has fallen in love with another old guy in the nursing home. His efforts to remind her the old condition bitterly fails. When the new lover leaves the nursing home, the woman is paralyzed, but still does not remember her past life. While facing the dramatic situation, the guy gives up his feelings and sacrifices for the sake of her health: He returns the new lover to the nursing home. At parts the story takes a new layer which is about old emotional affairs that existed in the couple's life which has eventually helped the couple to make their passion mature.

The direction of the movie is very smooth with a smooth temp. There is a strong usage of close up shots that I found it at parts too much. The actings were extremely beautiful in this movie. While watching Julie Christie's extraordinary performance in this movie, I kept thinking about Lara in Doctor Zhivago and some how I was thinking that this is the continuation of that love story.

For people of my generation, long and mature love has become more of a Hollywood picture that is almost impossible to achieve. Talking to many people recently, I feel that our generation is much doomed in the definition of a healthy emotional life. There is a constant thirst and greed towards finding attention, popularity and emotional support. Many people jump on whatever easy solution that make them heard, loved, respected. I have a tough time to analyze the root causes of this moral confusion? How far are we going to sacrifice for the sake our individualism? Is this something unique for my generation? Or maybe it has been there forever?
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