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Friday, May 13, 2005

Busy times ....

Although it's summer and I'm supposed to be more free, but the combination of my summer internship and also a conference paper deadline (that I work on it in the evenings), have filled most of my times. If there is any bit left, we try to spend it outdoor. The silly part is that my computer in the lab that I work is a Sun Unix station which does not even have Mozzila on it. I'm not able to read any Farsi page at all and many of the English sites like blogger don't work properly either.

But besides these naggings, life is beautiful here in LA area. The weather is very pleasant here next to the beach and constantly Sunny. it's usually a 30 minutes walk to my work and I guess in a city that on average people spend couple of hours in traffic and commute, it's a blessing to be able to walk to work. I leave more stories about this city for a later chance.

Things are happening so fast in Iranian politics these days. Now Hashemi-Rafasanjani is running for sure. Unless some radical change happens in the reformist camp of Khatami (introducing a better candidate in the last minute which is Friday evening), Hashemi will be the next president of Iran. The turn out in this election is not clear. The regime is very desperate to collect vote and show off legitimacy to the world, but I can't imagine a turn out more than %50. Most of people who are undecided about voting for the reformist candidate (Dr. Moeen), will give up because they are sure that Hashemi is going to be the winner this time.

Nuclear talks of Iran and EU are going crazy and it's clear that this summer, right after election there is going to be a trmendous media coverage about Iran and its nuclear ambitions. For now, US is quite silent, waiting for the elections to be over. And there is also N.Korea which is filling the air with its testing plans. Maybe that's the reason that Iran is going crazy these days and keeps talking about re-starting the Uranium enrichment programs. ...

At least for now, I'm happy to see that the bully diplomat (John Bolton) is stuck with his own party.

Gotta go....
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