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Daily Journal of Mahaan, an Iranian-American student residing in USA.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

War dilema continues!

Today I was talking with a colleague who is interviewing for research position on machine translation (MT). She told me about how Farsi translation automation is so popular in the research labs these days and the government is pouring money into the research. Actually for a while I considered working on Farsi MT, but for now I'm not going to touch it.

Although US and UK politicians keep rejecting any idea of military adventure in Iran, unfortunately I am getting more concerned that US is upto something serious about Iran in the next one or two years. I have heard about several random interviews/interrogation by FBI and other government agencies with Iranian students. All of these students do not have any political activity record to make them suspicious for other reasons. The interviews so far has been quite informal and friendly, but students have been asked detailed questions about their research work, their family back home, their military service experience in Iran, etc. What to say? Are these neo-cons that much retard to make their county totally bankrupt with another stupid adventure? I'm wondering how much the current nuclear talks and the diplomacy pledge of US is real. Maybe they are just buying time to clean their Iraq mess and in the long run convince the public: Look we did try diplomacy and then start their war drums with lies and fabrications same as Iraq. I know one thing clearly: I won't be able to stay in this country one day more if they are upto military adventure in Iran.
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