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Friday, April 01, 2005

Terry Schiavo

She died! A tragic fortune for her and her family!
I can not judge and take side about her case because my knowledge about the medical aspects of it is almost nothing. But I can understand both sides of the relatives who were involved in this case (the husband vs. parents). But I could never understand the whole circus that the media and conservatives made out of this personal case! All these protests and cries, when things are so much upside down in the political atmosphere of this country!

Of course the president sent his condolences message right away. And it won't be surprising to see him attending her funeral to show how much he cares about the culture of life. But we should never expect him to attend funeral of one of the hundreds of soldiers who have died in Iraq. Or we should not become surprised to see him silent for days after the most terrible disaster of our time (Tsunami). Why he should give a damn when a kid kills a handful of people in his community before shooting himself?! Or is it important at all that kids are starving in Iraq worse than Sadam's time? What matters is not the culture of life, it is the culture of lie!!

Since the start, it was clear that Bush and generally Republicans needed the Schiavo's case to reach to their conservative voters in the population. But their estimation was totally wrong and apparently they were not able to change things in the courts. And I guess the conservative communities are quite pissed at Bush Inc. for a while. But on the other side this whole case might help the right wing propaganda machine to picture the current court system as "too much liberal" and push for a more conservative judiciary.
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