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Sunday, April 20, 2003

Category: Politics of Iran

Sina Motallebi, one of the famous Iranian webloggers has been arrested today in Tehran. He used to work for some of the reformist papers like Hayateno. His weblog was up until 2-3 hours ago, but suddenly the whole content were removed. There is no sign of change in Iran's internal oppression policies and these bastards do not show any understanding about the events that is going on around Iran. They are pushing people to the edge of frustration, exactly what US wants at this point. Hossein Derakhshan wrote a passionate note about Sina's detention. I still trust Khatami and many of people around him as a good solution towards reform in Iran, but I can completely understand comments like Hossein's. I don't know how long reformers are going to continue their silence about all these detentions and the whole dictatorial system which is harassing the intellectuals in Iran. I'm convinced that conservatives are not going to collect any vote in the near future. As much as they work hard to fake themselves, people will never vote for them, so they will continue their Stalinist approach towards controlling the internal affairs. And if Khatami finishes his presidency with these passive style policies, he will probably lose his historical positive position in Iranian politics.
Soon or late, if this condition continues people will move towards stupid alternatives such as Pahlavis, and it'll tough to blame them then.
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