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Daily Journal of Mahaan, an Iranian-American student residing in USA.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Tonight, I spent some time reading different weblogs that I have heard about them recently. The endlessness of Internet is becoming more and more with weblog (what the heck was this sentence!). It's just amazing how much content is being produced there.
I'm still trying to organize myself in this digital age. I still feel that I lack some sort of organization in handling my time with this endless amount of data which exists there. I was thinking how much this daily routine of creating content will affect the expectation of public from mainstream media. Specially in Iran, with this huge trend of webloging, the taste of people will improve dramatically and in the long term Iranian journalism needs to really work hard to sell itself to this generation. Just think that a large part of the society are amateur journalist in their everyday life! How you want to make them happy with your payload?
There are numerous things there that I need to have a more established daily routine to take advantage of them. I guess starting this weblog is one important step to make me write more and more and also on a daily basis. As much as I diversify my reading resources and shift them from News to the Weblog space, I'll be able to avoid shallow level politics and spend more time on other topics.
Yesterday US, dropped four of 1 ton bombs on a civilian neighborhood? I have not yet seen a single complain in the media (From Guardian to FoxNews) about these atrocities. Israel on the same day has attacked Gaza with F-15 planes and killed 7-8 civilians. What sort of world order is this?
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