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Thursday, April 10, 2003

Saddam's time is over and his regime was trashed today. I'll definitely write about that later... What I'm writing here is an answer to a note by Hossein Derakhshaan who thinks that Americans will not attack Iran because Blair and British folks will stop them:
I don't think the Hawks around Bush really give a damn about What Blair says. Although US acts as an ally with UK, Spain and some other European folks, but these hawks don't have any problem with going to war with Iran or Syria on their own. Even if you look at this recent war, it's clear that they didn't need the British on the ground and actually they were loosing the psychological war at the middle mainly because of British failure in the first 2 weeks of war in Basra. Basically Britain was a 2nd hand support for them. It was just Powel and some so called "Moderates" inside the Bush administration who were able to convince the hawks to go along the UN path for this war. And of course they failed. And of course, this unilateralism of US which is advocated by these Hawks keeps failing in the diplomatic circles like UN, EU, etc. The whole Iraq war showed a big failure for Powell and the moderate Republicans and the hawk are even more powerful now. Look what's going on there in Iraq: Pentagon is installing its own government without giving a damn about what the State Department says.

So the bottom line is that if the attack to Iran is not happening is not because EU outside US or Democrats inside US are against it; It's because Iran is a tough battle which really doesn't worth it. Think that how much Iran can affect the whole Persian Gulf area. They really don't want to mess with Iran because it can easily remove all of the profits that they can make from Iraq. Iraq is a very tasty meal for these guys which will keep them quite happy for couple of years and they don't want to loose its stability that soon. And one more point: Inspite of all the un-popularities on these Islamic Republic guys, I can easily see that a large part of population will fight against Americans if such an attack happens. I can easily see that anti-American emotion goes to its peak in Iran overnight.
Let's be happy with the fact that our country is quite large and diverse which makes it a very tough and challenging case for US.
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