White Balloon

Daily Journal of Mahaan, an Iranian-American student residing in USA.

Friday, April 11, 2003

Baghdad is filled with looters. It's going to be crazy for the next few days till everyone rich and poor sinks in an equal shit.

I read an article by Mr. Morteza Mardiha which is published in the Aftab Magazine of Tehran. It was some how unbelievable for me to see how far this guy has gone in kisssing up Americans. The guy has written 8 pages filled with justification of many of the actions that US has done in Iran and around the world. He has justified some of the actions like Hiroshima or Vietnam in a way that I hadn't heard even in America. I'm all for dialogue and negotiation with America, even with these hawks who are running US right now. But why do we want to close the history and justify whatever shit these guys have done to us and others in all these years with all sorts of kidish reasons? It's a shame for Mr. Mardiha to call himself an intellectual. I would be OK if I had heard these stuff from Mr. Rafsanjani or some other politician, but why from someone that I have looked as a moderate and reformist thinkers for all the past few years. And surprisingly I saw that Masoud Behnoud has also approved Mr. Mardiha's claims. I am happy to see the superficialities of some of the so called reformers soon before these guys get the power back home.
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