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Friday, March 28, 2003

Today Richard Perle resigned. He was one of the main architects of the Iraq war who has been making billions of dollars from defense contracts. I don't think that's gonna affect the war that much as Bush has a club of these guys around him and this resignation was a move to avoid controversies like the resignation of Kisinger from the 911 investigation committee (by the way, God know what happened to that committee).

I keep reading and hear about these typical comments from Iran that: Why US is not attacking Iran? There are a large group of people who seem to forget the war and the way these guys are attacking people. The growth of these kinds of superficial types of judgments are really dangerous for Iran. The other day a friend of mine was saying why these people, who think that US attack will be useful for Iran, are not taking part in a more serious revolt against the conservatives in Iran. If they don't care about their safety and life that much that they prefer that US attacks Tehran with hundreds of missiles and bombs in a single night, then what's there to loose if they really come to streets of Tehran and face the oppression of Sepah or police!

Ranginkamaan has written that there is a large population in Iran who believe that having a pro-US puppet government is better than the current system. Why are we loosing our historical memory and forget the frustrations that Iranians were feeling towards Shah's pro-US policies. I believe there have always been a historical leftist tendency among Iranians a fully capitalistic model which is applied completely in US and partially in countries like South Korea can never work in Iran. When I look at history and read about Mazdak, Abu Moslem, Shaah Esmail and even Khomeini, I see a continuous battle in Iran for achieving social justice when Feudalist (I see them as old versions of capitalist) and capitalist governments were running the country. So how on earth now we're considering a pro-US government (probably Mr Pahlavi) can make Iranians happy in the 21st century? Do we think that Iranians are like Egyptians who sit and see thousands of foreigner come to their country and dance on luxurious tourist facilities while Iranian kids don't have basic educational systems. How much the pro-US government of Iran can be different than the ones in Egypt? Those who think that a pro-US government can bring prosperity to Iran similar to the gulf states are completely zoned out. Today Iran has 70 million populations and the only way that Iran can become a prosperous nation is by having a healthy, democratic government, because its sources of income are not that vast that it can produce that much of money that the low class of country can have benefits similar to small gulf states. And I really don't think that the pro-US government that seizes the power through a military campaign is ever gonna bring any sort of democracy and healthy government in Iran.

After writing: I read an interesting and related article by Mr. Farokh Negahdar in Iran Emrooz.

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