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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Barbarism in Iran

It makes me sick to wake up every other day and read the story of one execution in Iran. This wave of brutal execution has been going on since 2-3 years ago. The regime have naively decided to show its strength by being brutal to criminals and the ones who threat to its security. There is no question that many of these individuals are criminal and might deserve jail sentences.

However regime has been acting desperate to kill these people. The most recent case is a young kid (18-19 yrs old) that have committed a murder at age 15. This morning, although some people in the judiciary had ask for a pause on the execution, the guy was hanged. It is clear that there are people who really get a kick out of this barbarism.

The regime is silencing all protests against this execution trend. Most papers are banned or have to narrow the coverage of these events. A few days ago some cinema artist decided to collect some funds (as retribution to victim's family) to stop one guys' execution. Today I read that those artists have been banned from such activities.

It's so much stupidity of the Iranian regime if they think with these policies they can prove their hold of the country or if they think the get any security from this terror. Specially at a time that electronic media is so much powerful to reflect the protests and dark picture of this trend.

This morning I feel so sick of the state of affairs in Iran. If the regime is trying to make those optimist and responsible concerned citizen to give up, they are really doing a good job.
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