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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Forget the politicians, do it yourself!!

I wrote this note 10 days ago, but didn't want to post it before I do another round of donation. In Farsi we say: Stick a needle to yourself, before punching a nail to people! :

It's really shocking to read that western world is completely ignoring the Asian earthquake. Just think that Pakistan has been a constant ally for US in the past 4-5 years. And now, US is hessitant to pay its fair share for rescuing hundrededs of thousands of people who are struggling for their basic right of living. I read in the news that the whole country of Pakistan which has received a lot of financial aids from US (after Sept 11) have only a handful of helicopters. And even US hasn't lent them more than 10-20 helicopter. What the hell is this aliance all about? Aliance of what? bunch of party generals with each other?

And France, Finland, Spain, etc. have basically given nothing to these poor people either. I keep thinking about how much noise some of these western countries create with talking about human rights, social justice, etc and they simply ignore such an important issue. crap!!

For us who live in the western world, donating $30 is equivalent to canceling a restaurant dinner plan and dining indoor with our partner. If we can not give up that small comfort, how can we expect a better world. So, please consider a small donation with some of the agencies like Oxfam, World Food, etc.
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