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Friday, September 23, 2005

Disasters, nature and our duties

The nature is acting up these days in our side of the world. By now means, it doesn't make sense to have 80 degrees weather, here in Pennsylvania when it's almost October! As much as the politicians try to ignore the science behind the global warming alerts, we are observing a clear effects of it in our daily life this year.

These are terrible days for the people of Southern US. The Rita storm is on its way and water has already passed the Neorlean's levee and who know what will be left of this half-ruined city. The enormous destruction of public and private properties will probably cause a slow and weak economy in those southern states for many years. The effects that usually load their weights more on the poor, are going to stay in the area for at least couple of years. The mother nature has been usually nice to America, a land filled with extreme source of natural wealth, water, fertile soil, etc. And historically this is probably one of the important reasons that America became the land of opportunity with the largest economy. At the same time, we are the most polluter nation of the earth with the highest usage of metals, gas and non-recyclable products. I just hope that the events like Katrina and Rita, reminds all of us about the duty that we all have about the protection of our nature. Besides the stupid party-line politics of the republican government, it's been a while that the environmental protection has even been erased from the mainstream discussion of this country. Let's take last year's presidential election for example. Minimum time was spent on any of the debates, talk shows about such an important issue. Just compare it with the coverage of the other issues like abortion or gay marriage. Even John Kerry (comparing with Gore) and generally the Democratic party didn't have any powerful message on that.

Let's hope that our mainstream media give at least half coverage to such vital issues, as they give to the sexual affairs of celebrities. And hope that our politicians give their corporate attachments a little bit of break and think more about some regulations on their destructive policies. I hope George Bush stops telling us "I'll not sign any treaty that put American jobs at risk)", when his policies are putting thousands lives at risk!
And last but not least, we have a duty of pushing our politician with this basic right, by whatever means possible.
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