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Daily Journal of Mahaan, an Iranian-American student residing in USA.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The U-turn Era

Ahmadinejad got his fame as the mayor of Tehran, because of constructing several U-turns on many of the highways and removing the traffic lights instead. Apparently he thinks that he can keep his policy of U-truns in all aspects politics. The question is how expensive is this U-turn era going to be for Iranians?

I can not express my the level of disgust that I feel about the comments of the so-called president of Iran. Apparently Ahmadinejad himself can't get it yet that he is the president of a geopolitcally important country. He still thinks that it's 3-4 years ago and he's the head of the street militia (Ansar Hezbollah), whose job is all about attacking the reformist students' protests and meetings. He doesn't get it that the crap that he expresses is going to affect the future of a generation.

As much as I think, I can't understand what are these guys up to with these isolationist policies! Is this really part of an internal power struggle? If it is, then between who? These militia gang of Khamenei have practically stolen every branch of power in the country! Then what are they competing for? What's left to be taken over?
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