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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Notes from Edinburgh

I wrote the following notes during the time that I was in Edinburgh, but I never got time to continue them. Anyway, in addition to the notes, here is a set of very beautiful photos that one of the people who attended the conference in Edinburgh, took from that beautiful city and also the events around the conference. And of course me and my dear friend are both present in couple of dance pictures :)

1. Edinburgh is a very beautiful city and has a great unique character. When Paris and Edinburgh are sunny, they are the most beautiful cities that I have have seen. The city is filled with medieval and Renaissance architecture and its historical character has been preserved pretty good. After visiting the national museum of Scotland, I figured out how little I know about the history of Scotland and the reform movements of the Protestants in the church. As a middle eastern who is hopeful for a Renaissance within the Islamic societies, I usually try to map the circumstances of these reform movements to our own society. But of course, there is whole a lot of difference between the worlds and historical conditions.

2. The type of conversation that you can make with European people is definitely more fun for me. Besides the fact that most people are very aware about the current affairs of the world and politics, you can enjoy a lot from random chats, about social and cultural issues. Even talking about sports with these people is easier for (since we both love football (soccer)). But one important difference that I see between the Europeans that I talked here and the Americans that I talk there is: The European fellow knows about the world and cares about it a lot, but sees himself superior to the third world. He or she believes that since Europe is more civilized, it should care about the state of the third world. But I never see this type of superior feeling when I talk with the American fellow. When you get to the depth of American people, you really feel how humble and simple they are about their country and their position in the world.

3. Life in Europe is super expensive.
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