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Daily Journal of Mahaan, an Iranian-American student residing in USA.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

My friend told me about a weblog named anti-khorshidkhanoom or so and that was the start to look at some of the weblogs that I hadn't seen before. I'm talking about some of the webloggers (mostly male) who feel seriously threatened by female webloggers. Weblogging is a serious trend in Iran today for the new generation and females are not an exemption of it. Actually for a country that basic norms of outdoor activities are still quite unbalanced for females, Internet of course plays as a vital source of entertainment and communication. Previously I had seen many nasty type of comments on other weblogs by readers and also in other Iranian online communities, but today I discovered about some weblogs that their base is to attack some of the famous female bloggers with a very dirty language. By looking at some of these weblogs and the affiliation of their authors, I could easily see that they belong to rich traditional uneducated bazaaris class of society. I believe that if one day a real cultural reform (that I see the primary step for development of Iran) is going to happen, this class of society will show the major resistance. I can see that dealing with many of the true religious fellows is much easier than this dangerous class which keeps growing. This class is based only on capital movement in a sick economy system in Iran which has gained almost anything but culture. Bahram Beyzaii, one of the leading Iranian film directors has pictured the growth of this class in Iran in his recent masterpiece movie “Sag koshi”. Although Islamic fundamentalist such as Ansaar or Basijis which are nothing but a militia force might look like the main enemies of the cultural reform today in Iran, but since I see sincerity and in some way brain washing in many of those young fellows, I can easily see a day that they stop their harsh resistance as we saw a enormous change in radical left wing think-tanks who practically formed the 2nd khordad movement in 1990s.
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