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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sixty Seconds to what?

That's the cool title of a track by Morricone's legendary work For A Few Dollars More.
And that's the state of things on these strange days:

A fast paced trends of events that are difficult to fully grasp:

- The Fall of Wall Street and strange bail out plan that government rescue plan that republicans are putting forward. This much government intervention from a republican bill! And that will kill the whole economic agenda of next president either MacCain or Obama!

- Ahmadinejad's visit to UN was less of a circus this year. Attentions were similar to Khatami's visit in 2001. However Ahmadinejad continued to make a fool of himself in every press conference by answering crap and questioning things in USA. Typical eastern attitude: When something works one time, do it 1000 times!! Now even western media knows that this guy is just a big mouth and nothing more.

- Election season is hot.... Palin's buzz is almost over and the economy is finally bringing some substance to the debates.... The first debate went ok. I expected more from Obama and thought he was not as impressive as usual, but apparently people thought different and he's been called the winner of the debate. Actually it really doesn't matter who wins the debate. I remember that Kerry was superior in all debates, yet at the end ....

- Paul Newman's death: I haven't seen many of his films, but his performance in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" bring so much of memories. I remember how much for film crazies like me and Omid, finding this film and watching it in one of reletive's house (who had a VCR), was a huge deal.... That could make a few days of our lives. We were just melted into TV's screen seeing the brliant acting of Newman and Elizabeth Taylor....

- Gone Baby Gone: It was strong and certainly beyond entertainment. A debate between practicality and fighting for values.... It leaves you there fighting between two school of thoughts... each one with interesting points... Strong actings and script.

- Siavash writes me about his partner's departure.... This one was so tough to swallow really... I almost cried by his message....
- So much of stories come from every direction: Elena, Les, K1, Mike, ... Their struggles to live ...
- The baby boom continues ... I leave it there.

- Proposal, proposal and proposal!! And many many questions ahead!!! I'm in that 9th of minute of a treamill run....

- The coziness of my house keeps me happy. Yes it's kind of superficial, but I can't help it... I really enjoy it.... I kind of feel living in a poetry. Up here on this top steep floor.... Looking down at this beautiful tree that is now turning yellow and red! Yes the beautiful fall is arriving.

- High frequency of ups and downs. I have learned so much from this period. From the trends of it. From the ways to fight... learning to "live" and not "survive"....

It's important to rethink it's sixty seconds to what?!
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