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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Joe Biden's gaffes

Joe Biden is an excellent politician and one the best that Obama could pick. Actually he was one of my three top choices in the primary (with Obama and Kusinich). But his speech gaffes are also excellent. Here are a few cool ones from Politico:

" Among other things, the Delaware senator has said that Hillary Rodham Clinton may have been a better vice presidential pick; accidentally referred to his partner as “Barack America”; told a wheelchair-bound man to “stand up”; and called Michelle Obama’s convention speech “the most remarkable speech I have heard in my life.”

So it's not only for George W. Bush's craps that American are forgiving. This guy is gonna say a bunch of hilarious things.... Wait for the debate with Sarah Palin....

If elected we're going to have a lot of fun not only with his policies, but also his rhetoric.
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