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Daily Journal of Mahaan, an Iranian-American student residing in USA.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another Norouz!

I have been lazy in writing and updating blog. I don't know really why? The fast pace of events coming right after each other and generally an unstability that keeps surrounding my life... Yet as much as things are unstable around me, the nature keeps me on the track by reminding me about the arrival of another spring, another norouz and a new year. I started the past year by reading the beautiful works of Ahmad Shamlou:

The bad year
The windy Year
The year of tears
The year of doubts
The year of long days
The year of short perseverance
A year when pride begged

Life is not a trap
Love is not a trap
Even death is not a trap
For, the lost friends are free
Free and pure

I found my love
In the bad year
Who asks me not to be disappointed

I found My hope in disappointment
My noon at night
My love in the bad year

And I caught fire
Just when
I was turning into ash

It requires the genuine of Ahmad Shamlou to express feelings towards a dark and shiny year.

My year included many steps forward towards understanding myself and many other people. Towards experiencing new dimensions in life. And still struggling with old new questions and confusions. One thing is clear that the year has passed extremely quick and many things have happened in my personal life in this period. I look back and review a huge bag of memories that has elapsed

I always wrote about politics of Iran when the year was coming to an end. But what to write about such a shameful year. What is there to discuss? The embarrassing election or disastrous management of a rich nation! Propaganda and lies have ruled the country in the past year and I do not see any sign of wisdom entering the governance of that land in the near future. We are simply lucky that oil is over $100 and US is completely bugged down economically and politically. Otherwise, there is not any sign of constructive policies within the Iranian regime at this point.

My optimist nature keeps me running with energy and bright vision towards tomorrow. I once again fly my white balloon into yet another beautiful year! Happy Norouz! Happy Spring! Happy 1387!
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