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Daily Journal of Mahaan, an Iranian-American student residing in USA.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


There is a trade off between commitment and freedom in relationships. The negative part of the trade off shows up in many emotional forms at various types of situations. Even though the positive aspect (freedom) might not come into practice in majority of moments, but the fact that I hold such a jewel in my hand makes me so much light weighted.

I was thinking how humans easily give up their freedom easily in many circumstances. This is not just about personal freedom in things like relationships. It's at the social level too. And I guess an important positive aspect of America is that freedom has a very high priority in American model of thinking. In some way, appreciation of freedom can be a measure of freedom of speech. Just think that in a country like Iran, what percentage of the population have a real dilemma and obsession about the freedom of speech.

The other week when I was in DC for the anti-war protest, there was a moment that one pro-war guy made it to the podium and started talking lightly about supporting the troops etc. Then suddenly the organizers cut his microphone. Although the absolute majority of the crowd over there were against that guy, they all started shouting for support of the guy that "let him speak". It was quite a dramatic moment and finally they turned his microphone on. And as the guy started to talk in support of the war, then the crowd booed him. The message was clear: No one has the right to take away my and my opponent's freedom of protest and expression.

And I don't believe that appreciation of freedom has that much today with the economy. Many of those who care strongly for their freedom in this country belong to low-economic class of the society and many of those who really don't think much about their freedom in Iran, are pretty well off.
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