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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Norouz: A New Day

Another Norouz! Another new year! Another spring!A year and a day are passed. Me and a cup of tea, trying to look back at the past year and think about the coming days.

It was a stormy year: Both for my country and for myself.There has been a lot of nice days in this stormy year. With Reyhan, we tried hard to redefine our relationship. To overcome the taboos and to make important moves. It has been a difficult year for both of us and there is large shadow of uncertainty and fear on top of our head. But our restless nature motivates us to go beyond the traditions and explore new options in our life. What I am sure in this new year is that we will continue to work towards each other's happiness. The turn of the events might be bumpy, but somewhere at the end I trust our wisdom and love more than anything else.

My year was filled with the tough and beautiful days of strengthening and creating new friendships. A lot of self analysis! Maybe too much at times! But I needed it. At this point, I feel I've done enough. Enough of thinking. I need to move forward and look outside into the world and see and read, work and watch.

On the bright side, I see the continues struggle of my nation towards moderation and development is still creating some good news. Great debates on art and humanities, more cultural moderation in the current Iranian regime and more scientific analysis of sustainable development in academic and elite communities give me a lot of hope. A hope that if Iran can safely pass its current chaos, there is an intellectual capital out there that just need to the right moment to blossom.On the dark side, Iran has been going through the most chaotic forms of governance in the past year. It's becoming incredibly difficult to Analise what the hell is going on there. Who really holds the power and who is the one to talk. At least from what I remember about Iran, this level of chaos and uncertainty never was there. The stories like the debates within the regime to have a simple thing like "the day light saving" is the tip of the iceberg. The coming year seems to be even worse, considering the huge international pressure that is coming towards the country.

My ride on this blog started with Norouz. This small and simple corner was a window for a handful of kind and supportive readers to parts of my inner world. I'd like to thank you all for your kind and warm comments and support. I invite you to be with me on this ride of life. And certainly to share your valuable thoughts and comments. Happy Norouz: A new day.
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