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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Supidity of mind manipulation by media

If you follow the news in US these days, you hear a lot about one upcoming meeting of the president regarding the situation in Iraq. For 3 weeks, we were bombarded about the upcoming meeting of Bush with prime minister Maliki of Iraq (practically a US approved element). Then there was the trip of President Talabani of Iraq to Iran. Now they are talking about the meeting of Bush and top Shia politician (Hakim). What is really the significance of these meetings? How many of these meetings have taken place with no bit of improvement in Iraq's situation! Considering all the formality around these meetings, you would think why do they really matter in this dangerous situation in Iraq. For three weeks, we hear daily bombings with tens of civilian casulties and media diverts our mind with one upcoming meeting? If some sudden change is going to happen, can't a meeting at ambasador level cause that? If Bush is going to cause a real change of course in Iraq, can't he pick the damn phone and discuss with Maliki instead of:
1. Talking for 3 weeks in the media about a one hour meeting
2. Flying to Jordan
3. Delaying the meeting for one day (make it: "Oh, my God, this is really significant meeting").
4. Meet the guy over breakfast
5. Give a totally BS press conference, saying Iraqi forces are going to take the control in 2007 (Didn't Bush say the same crap before the 2004 election?)

And I blame the media big time for these types of audience manipulation. All they care is to fill the air and keep the audience tunned to watch the comercials. Nothing really more.
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