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Sunday, November 26, 2006

For Babak Bayat

Iranian film music composer, Babak Bayat passed away in Tehran this morning.

Salute to you sir! salute! You kept us alive for many nights and days. Your music was one major aspiration of playing piano for me. Still whenever I take the time to sit and touch the keyboard, the flow of your chords are sensible in my hands. Of course your name was quite appealing to me since it was my brother's name too. I remember how much we talked with Majid about your magical skill of writing unique and memorable melodies. And a few months ago, when I was searching in the pile of cassettes and CDs in music store of Tehran, I suddenly found one great collection that I wanted for years: A collection of film music by Babak Bayat.

For many of us, it started with "khoroos zari, piran pari". The songs and whole story line was unique and certainly shaped many of the metaphorical concepts in my mind. And then, you came with "Soltaan o shabaan". That magical mixture of sadness and joyful and dreamy music. That music became the soundtrack of my life for a while.

Then, we listened to "Sokoot Sarshaar az naagoftehaast" with the warm voice of the great Shamlou. Your typical small string orchestra with strong hits of the cello and the rain drops of the piano of Andrea Arezoomanian. That music, that poetry and that voice: How to put that joy in words?!

We the young travelers of an unstable land, took all our hopes and dreams and our ideals to the dark rooms of cinemas. We sat there, laughed and cried and learned about love and life. Iranian cinema became our window to our ideals and dreams. And your beautiful music massaged our joy of that silver screen: Shayad Vaghti Digar, Aroos, Noghte Zaf, Kashti Anjelika, Pardeh Akhar, Mosaferan.... Then there was "Piroozi dar Chicago", when for the first time we heard the magical sound of "Saxophone" on the streets of Tehran. We walked home, humming your music after a memorable night of our life with a hope that our country might get closer to our utopia. It was certainly a nice dream.
Salute to you sir. Salute to you and a few others who kept that dream live for us. Be Dorood.
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