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Friday, November 24, 2006

Iraq, Lebenon and my skeptimism about the Middle East

The situation in Iraq is shame for America and some of the middle eastern countries. Hundreds of dead bodies are scattered around each city. How many families are mourning these days? How long the wounds of these shameless power struggle going to stay in the minds of people? The land is filled with the message of hate. Brother killing is the trend of the day. It is impossible for me to analyze the situation in my mind. How many attacks? How many suicide bombers? How possible is it to recruiter these many suicide bombers to go and kill moslems. In the Palestine, despite all the frustration and tough conditions that exist in places like Gaza, these many bomber do not exits. What's going in Iraq? They say these are non-Iraqis. But what sort of brain washing mechanism should be there to encourage these many young people to go inside mosques, markets and kill moslems.

Lebanon is also in a fragile and shaky situation. I was reading one Farsi blogger who writes from Beirut. Things are so tense on both Hezbollah and Anti-Syrian sides that small bit of craziness that lead to a long civil war. Still my hope is that both the Hezbollah and the anti-Syrian sides show some sort of wisdom and avoid a head to head confrontation. Unfortunately both sides of the conflict are counting big time on their foreign supports. Hezbollah's leadership has lost its independence and is completely acting as a token force of Iran and Syria and the Anti-Syrian faction is not going to accept the polarized state of Lebanon and the deep influence of Hezbollah on a big part of the population.

Despite the loss of the US election, it is difficult to imagine that influence of the Neo-Cons in the region is going to be weakened. Specially that US is one part of the story and years of destructive policies of these people have given so much power to their indirect allies in the region that things can be not be easily rolled back. To clarify: I see Ahmadinejad as an indirect ally for the neo-cons in region. The alliance is not a directly negotiated alliance. It's an indirect support that these people have for each other to gain power in their localities. 9/11 was not only an attack against freedom in America. Its indirect effects went all around the world including Iran. The stupid aggressive and arrogant policies of neo-cons in the middle peace gave a strong boost to the power of corrupt militias and revolutionary guards who were waiting for a golden moment. Naive and passive policies of the progressive elements in Iran added to such a boost. A few weeks ago, it was surfaced to the news that right after the occupation of Iraq, the reformist Iranian president (Khatami) wrote a letter to the US leadership and asked for a mutual dialog to resolve all issues between two governments including the recognition of Israel. Apparently the master of Neo-cons in White House (Cheney) has cut any discussion about such a letter and has simply ignored it with the excuse that "we don't talk to the evil".

All I want to say here is that it's naive to believe that the US Congressional election is really an end to the recent trend of Neo-Cons arrogant policies in the region. The undemocratic nature of the affairs in the middle east, still can act as a way to boost the Neo-Cons and generally all extremist elements (eg: Ahmadinejad) to a large extent.
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