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Daily Journal of Mahaan, an Iranian-American student residing in USA.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

After Election

I left LA for a conference couple of hours after the election results were clear. Being away from my desk and news flow of the Internet was a blessing after such a depressing week of events. It is a fortunate part of our nature that we get used to bad events quickly and find our ways around it. The first round of the election was the main blow for me and I was more relaxed in the second round. There have been tremendous amount of depressing and dark writeups in Persian blogs. But what's truly admiring for me is the quick critical view that I saw among many bloggers about their own false strategies and analysis of the country. Some sort of admission about the fact that many people in the reformist group had distanced themselves from the daily problems of ordinary people who don't give a damn about human rights and equality of men and women, etc... because they are simply struggling with very basic elements of their life. Those who dare to admit these mistakes are the one who truly think progressively and loosing the administrative power does not change their fundamental believes and vision. This is the difference of the politics of progressive and repressive groups.

There is whole a lot of fuzziness about future of Iran that makes many people like me very concerned. But what can we do, except caring and learning from today and keepinh the optimism and hope alive for the future?

It has been a very busy summer filled with my summer internship and alot of scheduling and planning for several trips and of course the dilemmas of this past election. Over the past few days, I deeply felt the over exposed to the political affairs which is not healthy at all. What I 'm really missing is fine art, literature and music to be able to concentrate my mind and thoughts.
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