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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Random notes

I have been very busy with a heavy work load of school and then a short trip to Florida which kept me away from posting properly. I guess I need to change my bloging habit and get used to posting short notes more.

1. There has been a lot of rumors in Iranian weblogs that the former Iranian president Hashemi Rafsanjani who is considering to run for the upcoming presidential election has bribed some of the reformist journalists to write articles against Khatami's government and critisize government's social and economic programs. I tried to find some English posting on this, but my short search didn't bring anything. Of course after the initial posting of this rumor, a lot of supporting articles went around the Iranian blog community and unfortuantely many people started putting names of some of the respected journalists up there. True or false, it's difficult for me to judge about all this story, because first I still don't see any real proof or sign of such a wave in Iranian papers and second I don't think such a strategy can work even if implemented. The interesting thing for me in all this debate is to see that how much political maturity has grown at least in certain circles of Iranian online journalism. I feel some people are getting more sensitive to conspiracy theories and at least question some of the claims. The main reason I guess is the fact that people have been continiously tricked by political developments over the past 50 years. Nowdays it's very difficult to move and attract Iranian minds anymore.

2. A group of Iranian scholars and professional who live in US have written an open letter to American people, warning about the consequences of any military intervension in Iran. If it's relevant for you, please sign it.

3. What to say about this one?! I was going to write a note to the store, but by looking to other stupid products, such as this one, I felt it's waste of mind and time! At least they are honest about it. They say "Invade" instead of craps like "Liberate" or "democratize"!!
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