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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Category: Politics of Iran

Sadegh Zibakalam has an interview about the so-called cultural revolution which took place in early years after the Iranian revolution. It was basically closing all universities, getting rid of majority of students/faculties who have some serious political belief and then reopen the universities in an atmosphere of terror. Mr. Zibakalam is some how honest in his analysis of the events in those years. Specially that he admits his own guilts which is a combination of ignorance, authority and naivness in analysing world affairs. I respect his honesty in that respect, but it is hard to look at those events and simply putting them in a historical perspective and say we had to go through those days to be here.
Revolution is a very strange political transformation which makes an engineer like Zibakalam or pharmocologist like Soroush (with all the respect to their knowledge about Islamic studies), the theorist and major think tanks of the future events which shapes future of millions of people. And looking back to the result is quite sad!
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