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Daily Journal of Mahaan, an Iranian-American student residing in USA.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Seoul: A cognitive overload of life

My 48 hours experience of Seoul was so touching that I feel I saw one other wonders of life in it.  I had such feelings two other time in life: seeing Egyptian pyramids and New York City for the first time. 

Seoul is a clean and organized place.  Nice and friendly people, well dressed and well mannered.  Uniformly oriental faces, mostly fit bodies.  You keep wondering how wide is the middle class population of this country.  prosperity is obvious and numbers support it.  Unemployment rate of about 4% with a GDP of $27k.  On the other side of the coin the nation has severe mental health problems: highest suicide rate among the industrialized nations and modern problems such as Internet addiction.

Seoul is one of those places that I'll curve to come and visit more.  It certainly needs at least another 3-4 days to absorb its modernity and rich culture.
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