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Monday, December 31, 2007

Time to say goodbye to 2007

Sitting in front of Reyhan, and looking back at an stormy year which comes to an end in a few hours:

The year that started at the middle of our separation path. Many dramatic moments of farewell and reunion and yet there is a big question mark about what's going to come.
Despite the sad moment of my separation from Reyhan, 2007 was certainly a positive shake in my life. Start of a new trends of emotions, friendships,... and certainly hell a lot of self exploration. A few people who helped me tremendously to overcome my fears, emotional unstabilities and move on with my new life.

My private life problems became a motivation for me to study more about the issues that is influencing my generation: Our constant thirst and begging for attention and kindness. More than any topic and I chatted about relationships with friends and random people and yet at the end, there are many many questions unanswered in my mind. But generally, what I observe is that relationships have become so complicated that practically people are either working or spending a lot of their energy and resources on relationships.

The political year is coming to an end while the world is mostly run by corporate gansters. The military related industries are booming tremendously thanks to a global network of war warmongering and conflict creation. Moderate voices and dialog seekers are mainly at the margins with small gains. On the dark side of the events, I remember continuous bloodshed and loss of life and intellectual capital in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Pakistan, and many under-reported areas of the world. Continious violation of democratic process in US by the Bush adminstration, constinuation of the rule of populist politics in Iran and many other countries. Human rights violations are global with little bit of attention. We all skim the news of misery around the globe with little reaction and care towards our fellow world citizens.

On the bright side of the events, I see events like the loss of Chavez's undemocratic constitutional changes, peaceful and democratic trends in Turkey's politics, peace progress in the Korean peninsula, global conscious towards the dangers of global warming and the importance of environmental protection, and last but not least the efforts of millions of individuals who tried to lessen the pains of the wars and numerous natural disasters that happened throughout the world.

The coming year has a few interesting elections: US primaries and later the presidential election which shapes the mainstream of the US politics. In Iran, there will be parliamentary election that many hope that its result will eventually limit the power of Ahmadinejad's clan. In some different ways, mainstream media is somehow directed and controlled in both US and Iran. A large chunk of the social opinion is shaped by the mainstream media. An interesting question for me is to see how much Internet and online communities that present independent voices can influence these elections.

Like any other year, I close the year with hope: with hope that we humans find our way out of greed and enslavement. Hoping that we all find better meaning from the great gift that has been given to us: our life. I look forward to 2008.
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