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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Our self centerism, ego and love

I had a long chat with my cousin who has been one of my life time buddies and now lives in Egypt. While being a sharp and socially intelligent person, his view about many social and family issues is kind of traditional and conservative. He was worried about my brother who has recently separated from his wife. Throughout our conversation, I felt how distant are our mindset about these issues. How difficult is for him to even imagine people switching partners. I thought if one day, I'm gonna explain my separation from Reyhan, how difficult it would be to convey my thinking. We talked about some interesting story of his friend:

A guy named Ali, an smart architect who has married to his highschool girlfriend (named Azi) at age 22-23. Then Azi introduces her friend (who is also named Azi) to Ali. Azi-2 is even very facially look alike Azi-1 (the wife). While living in Iran, Ali gets into an affair with Azi-2. Azi-1 learns about the affair, but still tries to heal up the relationship, but Ali insists on divorce and they eventually do it. Ali then marries Azi-2 (he's all for marriage apparently). Azi-1 leaves Iran and immigrates to Canada. Ali and Azi-2 later work out their immigration and end up in the same city as Azi-1. Ali divorces from Azi-2. Ali is now trying to reach to Azi-1.

Yes, it's quite a drama. Years of Hollywood style stories is finally arriving into our lives. How much confused most of us are and how much self centrism has filled us!

The other night, I had a discussion with a friend about the first sight love and the way that people easily fall for such a phenomena. Today I found this interesting article about a research on the same issue. Quite an interesting read!

While the center piece of the study is about the relation between ego and first sight interactions, it was interesting for me to see how the same research has been packaged differently by various media outlets. Check out the title of the articles that has been written about the same study. Even an study which presents some of the flaws of the current social trends, is presented as a workbook for seduction and attraction!
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