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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ceasefire Now!

We have a Middle East peace forum in our university that I have been taking part in it since day one last year and of course there is quite a bit of debate on our email forum these days. I wrote the following piece for that forum. Most of it has been said here, but still ...:

This is practically a war between Syria-Iran vs. Israel. As an Iranian, I should express my deep feeling of shame and sorrow for Lebaness, Palestinians and Israelis. I'm ashamed of Iranian government's policies which has resulted in this bloody campaign.

Hezbollah which had a fairly good history in the resistance against Israeli occupations and had an important national role in Lebanon fell into this trap and now lost its credibility. At the same time Israel is also falling into a dangerous trap. My understanding is that they want to use this war to defuse all the Iranian-Syrian influence in the region. Maybe they feel that this influence is the main obstacle for the US to take a serious tough stand against Iran's nuclear file. maybe! Getting back into the Lebanon business is one huge gamble for Israel. It can cause more harm to its security than the Iran's nuclear technology which is still 5 years away from becoming any serious threat (This is what US state department says).

Besides these political matters, I would like to ask my friends to think twice of what they are supporting these days. Guys, I keep hearing the same justifications that the media feeds us. Things like "This campaign is not in response to 2 soldiers abduction", "Hezbollah has been attacking Israel with rocket attacks for months" (these are not exact quotes, but more the ideas exchanged) or calling the current rocket attacks of Hezbollah against Haifa as "resistance"!
I did a search on our forum archive and there was not a single mention of "Hezbollah" or "Lebanon" prior to July 14 in our discussions. If those missile attacks of Hezbollah were this much important to the Israeli friends, how come there is not a single mention of them in any of the discussions here? More than being Israeli, Iranian, Egyptian, Muslim, Jews, etc., we are all human. and there is no justification to the killings of more than 300 civilians (Lebanese, Israeli and Palestinians) in this stupid war. We are not politician to look at the people's lives as pieces of the chess board. A bit of idealism is never wrong when it comes to humans' lives in front of our eyes.

Let's hope and talk about the ceasefire today before it's too late. I personally am calling my local reps to ask for doing whatever it takes for a ceasefire NOW!
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