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Thursday, July 13, 2006

The non-changing political cliamte of the middle east

Another failure in negotiations between the major powers of the middle east. The result: another stupid military adventure by Israel in Palestine and Lebanon. It was clear since a few months ago that some circles both in the Palestine and Israel are going to crack the political development path. They tried all sorts of crisis creation: Shooting innocent civilians, Explosion at the beach, one suicide bombing, etc. In all these events both sides keep pointing at each other and generally there is enough chaos in the region that makes any investigation impossible. But on the political side there were signs of progress: Hamas was getting closer to recognition of the Israel and some financial assistance was flowing to the Palestinian territories. On the other side there were signs of progress in the nuclear negotiations of Iran and the government finally took a shape in Iraq. And suddenly things didn't work out: The negotiations failed on most fronts. And a simple stupid acts like taking one Israeli soldier as hostage ignites a new round of conflict that so far has resulted in the death of over 50 people (mainly Palestinians).

Israel has been brutally destructing Palestinians' fragile infrastructure to make the Hamas government paralyzed. And now Iran and Syria have joined the battle by using their Lebanese Hezbollah buddies to do things across the borders and the war has got . Middle East is all like that: Let's talk for a while, if we make progress: good! if not, let's fight for a while to see who has better muscles. then next time when we talk we know where does each party stand!

As I think more, I see that there is still a bit of hope on the political side: Hamas has been careful not to start a new round of suicide bombing. Iraq is still fairly same as before. If things get worse in the next few days, we will see more terrible things like that. And probably a few months down the road, new rounds of negotiations for Iran's nuclear file, Palestine-Israelis, Iraq's unity government, etc...when a few hundreds people lost their lives and their future. It's really a sad and sick power game over the energy and market control!
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