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Monday, June 26, 2006

Football Mania in Dublin

In Dublin, this green city of Irish land that is the western gate of the Europe. As you arrive here after 5.5 hours of flying, you really don’t feel the usual long distance between Europe and US.

It’s truly football mania here and it really sucks that America is this much off the rest of the world with respect to football. Every Irish pub is decorated with World Cup related stuff. Most of the pubs have many large screen TVs. As we were walking towards our favorite pub to watch the Germany- Sweden game, we constantly heard shouts of the people from every window.

For many of Irish, one interesting aspect of the world cup is the count down for the deletion of the England team from the games. It’s amazing how Britain is hated here, maybe more than theor colonies in the middle east and definitely more than India. Last night we watched the Netherland-Portugal game and it was interesting for me to see how much these folks around me cared about the game. Later I figured out that the reason is that the winner is going to play against England and they wanted whoever it is, it kicks the Britan’s butt badly!

People are amazingly nice here. It’s definitely not the typical racist and arrogant picture that we hear about parts of the Western Europe. You feel that friendliness and humbleness is in the blood of this people. And alchohol and specifically beer is the trademark of the city. Saying it in the Irish way: It’s brilliantly live here!
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