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Friday, June 17, 2005

Presidential Election in Iran (6)

Today is the day. Definitely an important day. Tough to know where does it stand in our long struggle for justice and equality in our country! As usual, it's difficult to predict our people. Like our football, we are a nation of 90th minute.

I'll vote today. Despite my frustrations and disappointments about the political structure of my country! I vote, because I have inheritted a revolution, a political battlefield after it and 8 years of war and millions of dead bodies. I vote because I inherited a country that lost thousands of smart women and men who fled after each phase of those battles. A country which has historically lost its intellectual and financial capitals because of emtional political develoments.
In the past 8 years I have learned that developments do not come easily in my country and my region. Therefore I don't dream about the outcome of this election and my favorite reformist government.
I vote today because I love my country, but I also believe that most of those who don't vote today love Iran as much as me, simply with a different perspective about it politics.

Let's see if we can win against our history this time and be patient with a terribly slow, but progressive political development in our country.

PS: I wrote this post, when around me it was crowded. Probably it's quit messy.
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