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Friday, June 17, 2005

Election day

Still in work, haven't voted yet. Tought to get anything done today. I'm going to face some of the anti-regime demonstrators in the polling station in LA. Some Iranian colleagues say that 4 years ago, some of the demonstrators physically attacked voters! At the end, they had to close the polling station, because the hotel that was being used as the polling place, was literally loosing business. What's this type of behaviour? Fight for democracy in Iran?

From what I have read on some of the Iranian blogs, the turnout is fairly good (about %60). The surprise is in the performance of Ahmadi Jejad who is the mayor of Tehran and is known as the most radical right wing candidate, belonging to the basiji militias... apparently he's standing in the third place after Moin and Hashemi.

Most of the blogs say Dr. Moin seems to be leading the polls, but none of these seems very reliable to met yet.

If you can read Farsi, Shargh Newspaper of Tehran and also Gooya News have a good coverage on the latest news.
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