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Daily Journal of Mahaan, an Iranian-American student residing in USA.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Costa Rica Notes (1)

Random and Quick observations in a small town at the middle of small town
1. People are extremely nice and trustworthy here. Some level of honesty that I had not seen before.
2. Infrastructure is strong here, specially tourist related stuff. Above what I had seen in Peru...
3. Bus exploration of Costa Rica is great. With $5 you can travel between two distant cities in fairly clean and efficient buses with ordinary kind Ticans...
4. US culture and economic influence is very strong. You can even find the US based GNC vitamin stores here....
5. Wearing shorts and tshirt in Christmas time is certainly a treat!
6. My Spanish notebook from the class that I took 4 years ago have come so handy here....I am in a super small town that I had only found 2-3 people who barely speak English.... and the communication comes down to that small notebook or pantomim!! But surprisingly in such a small town, there are Internet cafes with very fast connections.
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