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Daily Journal of Mahaan, an Iranian-American student residing in USA.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Me , Halloween and fantasy

A side effect of growing up in Iran is that I'm quite alien with most of the western fairytale and fantasies. In my childhood I mainly read Persian children literatures (mainly serious leftist themes) , some comics like Tin Tin and some Dickens and Jules Verne. The TV shows that we watched also presented a different type of fantasies. Disney had minimal presence in Irainian TV and we were very much exposed to some romantic Japanese and some eastern European animations. And of course we didn't have VCR at home.

I was rarely exposed to the fantasy stories that were influenced by the Roman-Celtic culture. These types of fantasies are very popular among Americans and probably most western population. Ranging from Halloween culture to Harry Potter and Lord of the Ring, Chronicles of Narnia, I find myself totally alien. I can't understand popular concepts like witches and zombies. Moreover, the catholic theme of Good vs. Evil that is present in this genre is a totally annoying concept for me. Every time that I've tried to reach a film or book, I have terribly failed right early on (eg. never enjoyed lord of the rings).

As a result tonight that is Halloween and I'm invited to a costume party, I have decided to stay home and enjoy reading my books. Sometimes I think being this much alien with these concepts make me a terrible father if I grow my kid in US. Maybe my kid help me to get an idea ...
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