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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Iranian Antiwar Blog Movement

Iranian bloggers have started a campaign of antiwar movement against any potential military action of US against Iran. So far two blogs have been created:

1. http://www.nowaroniran.com/
2. http://nowarforiran.blogspot.com/

Already a diverse set of perspective have been put together both in the articles and some of the comments on these two blogs which are very interesting and definitely worth reading.

There is also an online petition letter to the UN's general assembly about this issue.

This is a great movement and quite on time and I ask you to support it by putting links on your blogs. These are critical days that Bush adminstration is still fairly silent and in the planning process for their 2nd term policies in the Middle East and specially Iran. It's important to show the resistance upfront. If the movement gets a good momentum, it can get some important media attention in the coming days and in the long term White House and generally Neo-Cons get the message that: Dude, Iran is a different story!

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